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Staff guide to GSM reading lists

Accessing GSM reading lists

Search GSM reading lists by module code or name


Watch this 7.16 minutes video to learn how to:

- Create a template.

- Edit a list adding bookmarked resources,

sections, notes and publish it.

- Set up your bookmarklet tool.



- Request a digitsation

- Learn how to bookmark, online resources,

books using their ISBN number and

journal articles using their DOI code.


- Request a review for the book ordering


How does Talis work?

To activate your account, click on the activation link emailed to you by Talis Aspire. Once activated your account, you can log in to the service using your MyAthens details.

The following picture shows you the landing interface for the "My List" page highlighting the features within it. The library will initially create new lists for you and then invite you to be the 'list publisher' so that you can further edit your list/s in the future semesters.

Please note that our agreed naming convention for online reading lists is "COURSE CODE - Course Name", e.g. "ACSK4001 - Academic Skills".

Talis Aspire recently developed a new layout for the lists which includes the cover page of the recommended books and the citation of the resources with the Harvard and the OSCOLA referencing systems.

By clicking on the link of the lists from the landing page, you are redirected to the list page which contains:

  1. Basic information on:
    • Module Leader,
    • Academic semester.
  2. Functionalities
    • Check the features available for the "Edit, View & Export" options, broken down in the image below.
  3. Details on recommended resources:
    • Copies per campus.
    • Hyperlink to the electronic version of a source where available.


For more information on how to create and edit a list, watch this short video tutorial.

Use the My Bookmarks set to store on Talis Aspire the resources recommended in the module/s for the students. Any bookmarked material can be easily added to a reading list using the My Lists tab. The picture below shows you the features available on the My Bookmarks page to help you add new resources or edit them .


Talis Aspire designed the bookmarklet tool to facilitate the bookmarking of sources. To use it, simply click on the "Install Bookmark Button" at the top right and follow through the few steps to install the plugin in the bookmarks bar of your browser. The tool works with most common browsers. Follow the instructions in the Bookmarklet tab to set up it on your browser.

The steps for the Installation of the Bookmarklet tool are shown hereafter.


Once you have installed the boookmarklet tool, you can move on to the following video, which will show you some quick ways you can gather different material into your bookmarks collection and, eventually, your reading list(s).

For the bookmarklet tool to capture accurate metadata (i.e. the accurate citation for the article, book, or webpage you are adding to your reading list), please avoid bookmarking PDFs. Where possible, please bookmark from an individual item view. An item view is usually accessed by clicking the title of the resource you wish to bookmark (before you actually open a PDF version).

Create a TEMPLATE of a reading list to quickly set up future new reading lists for the modules.

To create a new list from the template, click on the ACTION button from the same row and select the "copy to a new list" option as in the picture below.

You will then be redirected to the copy list interface where you will have to fill out the fields indicated in the following screenshot.