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GOULD, Andrew


NAME: Andrew Gould
POSITION: Head of Department
FACULTY/DEPARTMENT: Work Based Learning and Enterprise
PHONE: +44 (0) 208 516 7800





Professional Biography

Professional Experience:

Andy leads the Department for Work-Based Learning and Enterprise. The main objectives of the department are to provide experiential learning that is embedded in work support and enterprise development. Previously Andy lead the work-based learning programmes at the University of Greenwich aimed at adult part-time learners who wanted bespoke and experiential programmes and learning opportunities that enabled them to develop their professionalism, experience and career and life prospects. The department provides and supports work-based and enterprise based learning through its own programmes and also though projects embedded in other programmes. It also supports the development of professional qualifications across the college. His academic background is in Political Philosophy and his main research interests are in how knowledge is formulated and used by individuals and the collective, how learning and identity are combined and the impact of experiential real-life learning that combines theory and practice, on his learners. Andy was a seafarer for nearly thirteen years before coming to University. He is also interested in the neds and requirements of adult learners and how learning can help them to effective navigate their way in the world that is beneficial to them, society and the environment.


Research Interests:

Andy’s research has focused on adult pedagogy, empowerment through knowledge and practice, the social impact experiential learning that combined theory with practice. As part of his doctoral studies he carried out a study of his work-based learning students to ascertain the practice and impact of their learning.  Recent work has been focusing on adult pedagogy and its effective practice.


Publications and Scholarship Activities:


Gould, A and Perrin, L. (2014) ‘Credit Accumulation and Transfer Pilot Project: Building on competence in the workplace – progression and transition of non-traditional adult learner to Higher Education.’ In Hill, M. Saunders, D, and Storan, J. (eds) Learner Journeys: Origins, experience, and Destinations. Available at:



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Other Publications and Conferences:

Gould. A. (2014) ‘Students are Like Aliens: Constellations of understanding and relevance’. Proceedings of the Conference of New Business Models in International Higher Education. ISMO, Greenwich.

Jiwa, S. Gould, A. and Lavelle, D. (2012) 'Supporting Practitioners to Gain Professional and Academic Recognition: The Covent Garden experience' University Vocational Awards Council Annual Conference 2012. York 17-18 November. UVAC. Available at: (Accessed: 10 January 2013).

Nichols, M. Barnard, J. and Gould, A. (2011) ‘Building on Competency’ University Vocational Awards Council Annual Conference 2011. York 17-18 November. UVAC. Available at: (Accessed: 5 December 2011).


Teaching Interests:

Andy has around 14 years’ experience of facilitating learning at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He was a part of a team that introduced formalised study skills support across all faculties in the University of Greenwich. He has gust lectured around his academic subject of political philosophy, especially in relation to knowledge and its creation and it relationship to self-identity.  He specialises in work-based learning, negotiated project supervisions, personal development planning, active insider or action research and reflective practice.


Impact and Engagement:

Andy is currently a member of the START, Ethics and Educational committees at GSM London. Under his direction the department also takes a role in embedding work-based and experiential learning in the college programmes. Through these and the department’s own programmes, the department plays a role in influencing the ongoing develop of reflective practice and professionalism in GSM staff and its learners.  It is hope, through the development of the work-based learning programme, to forward the College’s aim of widening participation through the provision of flexible work-based learning to part-time adult working learners, an under represented sector in Higher Education. The overall desired impact is to help the college, across the board, produce independent, professional and work-effective learners able to fulfill themselves and to actively contribute to a prospering society.


Research and Consultancy:

Andy has acted as external advisor and external examiner for work-based learning programmes. He is currently external examiner for work-based learning at De Montfort University. He is a reviewer for the University Vocational Awards Council’s work-based learning journal.


External Collaborations:

Andy has a good relationship with The University of Plymouth (the validation partner) and is developing procedure with them for the recognition of prior learning in relation to work-based learning programmes. He has, through his department, developed links with professional, statutory, regulatory bodies. He is a member of the Higher Education and Awarding Organisation Vocational Qualifications Committee of the Universities Vocational Awards Council.


Professional Affiliations/Roles:

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
Member of the Higher Education and Awarding Organisation Vocational Qualifications Committee (UVAC).