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EBSCO Discovery Service regularly publishes newsletters, articles and podcasts on the Brexit process


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The road to Brexit





After Brexit: the UK will need to renegotiate at least 759 treaties

EU's post-Brexit vote unity masks fragile foundations

Nexis offers you a panorama on the Brexit negotiations and its impact on the UK economy through newspaper articles, newsletters, and bulletins.

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Nexis has created the Easy Search tool to help you find relevant results even if you are not familiar with the search methods or with the sources that you are going to use.


 You can access around 740 UK newspapers published in the UK

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Additionally, you can access the Searchable Directory of Online Sources to find information on all the resources available through the database.

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Mintel  analyses the impact of Brexit on UK consumers behaviour and industries with particular focus on their marketing strategies



 The search field in the schedule section (first tab) from the navigation bar) allows you to search all available reports and articles on Brexit

Middle Temple Library published a comprehensive guide on

the Brexit process.

It provides information on institutions; involved in the

UK withdrawal from the European Union. with a particular focus

on legal aspects.







UK Lawmaking  before and after Brexit from Norton Rose

Fulbright site. Click on the thumbnail above to view the original image

Law firms insight


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The Brexit process broken down in its primary stages from a drawing on the EU website. Another Infographic on the negotiations is available at this address.


Treaty on European Union

Treaty on EU


Treaty on the Functioning of EU


European Union (Withdrawal)

Act 2018



European Union Referendum Act 2015


European Communities Act 1972 Ch.68


The future relationship

between the UK and the EU


How did Britons vote?

BBC maps and charts on the results of the EU referendum. Chris Green, a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford, analysed the Brexit vote to find correlations in the results with the vote in the various districts.