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How to find good information using Library resources at GSM London

Discovery search box

EBSCO Discovery Service


Using the Discovery search tool

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Discovery search is a search tool you can use much like Google. The big difference is, unlike Google, Discovery search will always give you highly targeted, reliable and relevant sources for use in your assignments. 


How does it work?

Discovery searches across all of the Library resources at GSM London and is an extremely convenient and effective way of conducting research for your assignments. 


How will using Discovery benefit me over just using Google?

  • Content returned always from reliable sources
  • Saves valuable time when researching material for your assignments
  • Can get highly targeted results using advanced search features
  • Can retrieve full text
  • Full citations are simple to find


good marks

Ultimately the time you save using Discovery and the guarantee of reliable sources will help you get better marks!


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How to run a quick search using Discovery

You can run a quick search in Discovery using 3 simple steps:



First, enter your search term(s) in the Discovery search box (at the top of this page) and click 'Search':

EDS Search box

Review the results


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Refine your results using the filters. For example, it's very easy to filter your results so you only see the most recent material published simply by sliding the Publication date to a more recent year, as below.

It's also very useful to refine by source type if, for example, you want to limit to only Academic Journals. 

This will also make it much easier for you to review and evaluate the material surfaced. In this example, we've refined from an initially very large number of results (6,618) to just 152, simply by using two filters. 

You can continue steps 2 and 3 of reviewing and refining your results until you have a list of search results with enough relevant content for you to then evaluate. 


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Finding a citation 


To find a citation for a source, simply click on the required source and you'll find the citation option in the detailed record:


eds citation position


You can then scroll to the Harvard section:


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Finding a citation on EDS


Important note on using citations from Discovery 

The citations available on Discovery are very useful in helping you to reference your work correctly but please note there will be some differences you'll need to alter in order to keep your references consistent with GSM London's specific style of referencing. 

For example:


Harvard style citation extracted from Discovery:

Bott, J, & Milkau, U 2017, 'Central bank money and blockchain: A payments perspective', Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 145-157.

Harvard style required at GSM London:

Bott, J. & Milkau, U. (2017) 'Central bank money and blockchain: A payments perspective', Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems, 11(2), pp. 145-157.


For further guidance please see the full Referencing LibGuide.

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