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A guide to using Fame (Financial Analysis Made Easy)

Why use Fame?


Fame allows you to analyse data from both public and private companies in the UK and Ireland quickly and easily. It includes data from all documents filed at Companies House which is cross-checked for accuracy and enriched with further datasets. Some uses might include:


  • Building up a list of companies to target. If you're looking to identify a list of companies to market to you can use certain criteria, such as a company's geographic location and their principal business activity, to create a list of target companies with contact details.


  • Reviewing the historical performance of a single company or group of companies. 


  • Running a comparison of competitor companies. This could be particularly useful if you're looking to enter a market in order to understand your competitors and their financial performance.


  • Conducting Market Research. You're able to take a random sample from a large dataset, useful if you're looking for a sample of companies for the purposes of Market Research.


  • Credit analysis. Fame can be used to identify potential customers that might default on payments.


You're able to customise the fields displayed in your analysis and the data can also be exported to Excel if you wish to run further analysis outside of the Fame environment.