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A guide to using Fame (Financial Analysis Made Easy)

Identifying a set of companies using search criteria


Fame has hundreds of different criteria you can search across to bring back a matching list of companies. These criteria can be combined using search steps to bring back a very targeted list of companies.

To identify a list of companies matching multiple criteria, first add a search step via the search tab, as below:

Adding a search step on Fame


The combinations of criteria you can use are almost limitless but in this case we're going to identify companies listed on the FTSE AIM (Alternative Investment Market) using the left-hand menu to identify the search criteria. In this case, we can find under Add a search step > Stock data > FTSE indexes > FTSE AIM All-Share.

fame search step 1


fame search step 1


We can now see the search step has narrowed down our results to only AIM-listed companies:

aim listed companies via fame

Now we want to see which of these companies is also involved in food manufacture. To do this, we can search using the left-hand menu under Add a search step > Activities > Industry Classifications

fame industry classification search


We can now search under UK SIC (UK Standard Industry Classification) codes and either choose from the menu or use the search box to search by business activity. If you're using this search criterion, you may find it useful to download the full list of UK SIC codes (2007).

fame uk standard industry classification selection


fame results list from search steps


This search has combined two search steps in order to narrow down our list to 10 companies. These are the only 10 companies, according to Fame data, that are both listed on AIM and are involved in the manufacture of food.  Data downloaded 19th March 2018 for the creation of this guide