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Guide to using, including Markets Data

Markets Data on

The Markets Data area of contains data on large listed companies and global indices along with currencies, bonds and funds with the ability to use interactive charting and portfolio tools to track and analyse the data.  

You can access via the top right-hand link on the homepage, or when searching for an equity.

Markets Data link position

You're able to search for company profiles and key financials of large listed companies via the Equities page, or via a company search, using the search function on the front page.


equity search example


As you type in a company name, a drop down will appear with the company ticker displayed on the right-hand side. In this case, we're looking at a company profile for Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM) listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYQ). From the summary page, you can access the company profile and key financials from the tabs.


exxon company profile

exxon key financials

From the World Markets area, you can find up to the minute information on global indices. You're able to search by country by using the drop down menu or clicking on the map to find the index you require.


world markets index lookup example


You can also view summary information on an individual index and run comparisons with other indices. In the below, we're comparing the FTSE 100 with the S&P 500 but it's also possible to add up to 3 companies to compare their individual performance against an index.

indices comparison video

It's also possible to view the constituent companies of an index, though note these are only in alphabetical order and not ranked by market cap.

FTSE constituents

You're able to analyse data within using the Interactive Charting tool under the Charts tab. This can be found when searching for an equity (company) or an index (e.g. FTSE 100).

GKN chart


You can then begin to overlay further data on the same chart by using the Indicators, Overlays or Comparisons options on the right-hand side of the chart. In the below, we're looking at FT articles relating to GKN PLC overlayed onto the share price chart. This is useful to understand what might have been happening in the news when a stock was particularly high or low, for example. 

GKN articles share price graph


You can then overlay further comparisons. In the below, we've added overall FTSE 100 performance data. This is useful in understanding how a company has been performing in relation to the overall performance of an index. In this instance we can see that, after the spike, GKN has been significantly outperforming the FTSE 100 after a spell of underperformance.

GKN comparison to FTSE 100

To save a chart as an image, you just need to click on the 'share' link and cick 'copy' or 'download' as below.

saving a chart



The Portfolio tool allows you to set up a group of listed companies of your choosing and track their performance. You can view or make changes to your current portfolio, or set up a new portfolio, all from the Portfolio Dashboard

In the below example, we're setting up a new portfolio:

Portfolio blank dashboard


Give the portfolio a name, then use the 'Add transaction' button to add a company to your portfolio. In this case we're going to add Petrobras Argentina (PZE) and choosing the listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYQ).

petrobras add portfolio


Then add the number of desired shares and click 'Use last' under 'Price' to get the latest share price. Click 'Add transaction' to add to your portfolio.

finish adding company to a portfolio

You'll then be able to view your new portfolio and add transactions as desired. It's worth noting that you can view news on the constituents of your portfolio as well as conduct analyses. For example, you're able to compare with other portfolios you might have saved as well as benchmark the performance of your holdings against an index, or multiple indices.

analyses on porfolios



The Equity Screener allows you to search for a company or group of companies using a specific set of criteria. You can find the Equity Screener under the main Equities page, as below:

equity screener screen


In the below example we're screening for listed companies in the UK involved in Food Production.

n.b. the company data FT holds is only for large listed companies. If you want to run a more detailed search covering a much wider company set, please see the Fame guide. 

ft equities screener animated gif

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