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If you are printing a document from the internet (including GSM Learn) you need to make sure that the document is saved (downloaded) on the computer you are using. By saving the document, you are enabling the editing and printing options for the MS office document.

For example: Printing a Power Point document from GSM Learn:

  • On your module page click on the document you would like to print. (Power point slides in the example below) 


  • As soon as you click on the document, the following dialogue box will open at the bottom of the page. Here, you need to save your document by clicking on "Save" or "Save as". 


  • After saving your document, click on the "open" option that appears at the bottom of the page.

After saving your document follow the steps below to send your document to the printer.


  • If you are opening an MS Office document on a library computer, it initially opens in Protected View. Click "Enable Editing"  to make printing enabled. 


  • Go to "File" and click "Print" to open the printing options. 


  • Select the appropriate settings from the menu and click the Print button.


Please note, the default settings are for black and white  printing. If you would like to print in colour, click on Printer Properties when you are on the page above, and in the following box change the Output Colour.





Once you sent your document to the printer follow the steps below to release your documents.

1. Tap your Student ID card on the Inepro Reader (red pad on the right hand side of the printer).

2. It will then display all the print jobs you’ve submitted.

3. Select and deselect all by pressing the following "select all" button.

4. Or individually select or deselect jobs by pressing the following

5. To release your print please press the print icon.

6. Press the following button to refresh your list of submitted jobs

If you haven’t submitted any print jobs successfully, you’ll see the following screen after tapping your ID card on the Inepro reader. 


Please Note: The Document needs to be in PDF format to print from USB

1. Tap your Student ID card on the Inepro Reader (red pad on the right hand side of the printer).


2. Insert your USB to the USB port.

3. Press the home button

4. Select "Print From" option on the screen

5. Find the file you would like to print.

6. Select the options required for the printout

7. Press the Green Button to release your document.

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