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It is against the law to photocopy whole books or dissertations.  In the UK, copyright is governed by The Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1998 (CDPA).  The law of Copyright exists to protect an individual's creativity.  It treats the product of creative activity as a form of intellectual property which can be sold, rented or passed on.  It covers original literary, artistic, dramatic and musical works and includes computer software and databases. 

As a rule of thumb you may copy:

  • One chapter or up to 10% (whichever is greater) of a book.
  • One article or up to 10% (whichever is greater) from a single issue of a journal.

However, please consult the Copyright Licensing Authority (CLA) list next to the photocopier for exceptions to this general rule. Please respect this law. If you exceed these limits you will have the extra photocopies removed.

For more information visit our copyright page

The GSM London has a strict policy on plagiarism. Please refer to your course handbook for full details of this policy.