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A guide to the Mintel Academic global market research and insight database

Running a search


You can run a quick search by using different criteria for your search terms, including brand, product type or sector. For example, if you're researching current trends in the food dressings and condiments market you could search by:

the brand Heinz


the product type (e.g. ketchup)


the subsector condiments and dressings.

Mintel quick search and refine


From the search results, you're then able to refine by different criteria. For example, you may be looking for a specific theme such as the trend in reduction of additives, in which case you could refine by 'Heath & Wellness'. This screen may also help you identify a subsector, in this case 'Condiments and Dressings' which you can further explore.


Please note that Mintel content can also be surfaced via a Discovery search.