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A guide to the Mintel Academic global market research and insight database

Accessing sections of the report

The table of contents within each report is a quick way of getting an overview of the topics and themes covered in the report. Each section is hyperlinked so you're able to jump to relevant sections.

mintel table of contents

You're able to search for specific text within a report as in the example below. Any instances will be highlighted in yellow.

text search within a mintel report

The data behind each report is available to view, manipulate and download via the Interactive Databook. This is particularly useful if you want to pick up on a specific data point and draw your own analysis.


You're able to download individual tables as well as view the specific demographics of respondents. 

mintel interactive databook

mintel explore demographics page

There are a number of different options available to you for downloading and exporting sections or overviews of reports. 

On the report homepage, you're able to download the following:

mintel download options


Executive summary: These are written as summaries specifically for business leaders and are very useful in understanding the main themes of a report without having to read it in its entirety.

Infographic overview: You can view all infographics in the report in one pdf

Report presentation: Contains visuals within a powerpoint presentation.

Databook:  All of the research data used to write the report can be downloaded here. This is also available via the Interactive Databook.

Report Brochure: The brochure can be useful as an even more top level view than the executive summary. As it's advertising the report, there's very little information within the brochure but can be helpful for quickly assessing the usefulness of a report. 

You're also able to download detailed sections of the report by exporting content to your basket.

mintel export to basket


mintel download export content

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