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OECD iLibrary

The guide provides instructions on how to use the OECD iLibrary database

Social media details



Content: Information on new publications released by OECD and available in the iLibrary, infographics on current affairs, posts on conferences, meetings, international events focusing on the research themes and related issues analysed in the database.



Content: Tweets on new publications from OECD, access to lists of Twitter accounts for stakeholders, posts on flagship reports from United Nations agencies, thinktanks and research institutes.

RSS feeds  

RSS feeds let you quickly check new content available in the database for the research themes or a publication of your interest. You could use your outlook email address to get directly in your inbox information on the new items!

Read the instructions on the following page on how to add to your email address the feeds from OECD iLibrary or check the example in the tab below:


Example adding an RSS feed for a publication

1 - The link to the RSS feed is available on right side of the main frame for both publications and themes.

Copy the RSS feed by using the right button of your mouse and by clicking on the "copy link location" option.

2 - Open you Microsoft Outlook account and select the RSS subscription.

Select the "Add a new RSS feed" command, and paste the RSS feed previously copied from the OECD publication in step 1.