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OECD iLibrary

The guide provides instructions on how to use the OECD iLibrary database


Each OECD iLibrary theme page includes online access to all books, periodicals and online databases published by the OECD on that specific subject area since 1998.

For the energy theme, in particular, you can also find the titles published by the International Energy Agency.


Flagship titles*


Natural gas information


Oil information 


Market report series: Gas


Market report series: oil


Energy policies of IEA countries


Energy balances of 

OECD countries


World energy  balances


Renewables information

World energy outlook

IEA energy papers


*Each book page includes also the access to the previous issues in that series to facilitate comparative sectorial and/or countries analysis. 

All titles on energy in the OECD iLibrary are accessible at the following address: 

Statistical data

Working with statistics Embed charts in your assignment 


Video tutorial


Publications with statistical data on the energy theme


You can easily create customised charts using the interactive OECD indicators datasets.

From the statistics section at the bottom of the left-hand frame in the energy page, as shown in the picture in the overview tab above, click on the indicators link and on the corresponding energy submenu.

The link will take you through to the energy datasets. To compare oil prices, daily barrels production, click on the dataset icon at the top of the chart. You will then access a new chart with a dashboard with different settings and parameters to create your own charts.

More detailed instructions are available in the tutorials in the left panel.