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Copyright Guide for Faculty

You need to know about copyright


Staff and students need to ensure they comply with the law on copyright and seek guidance if unsure whether to copy or use someone else’s work. This guide is primarily aimed at teaching staff.

Choose Get Started Quick Guides (left) to find out about copyright:

  • in Exams and Assessments
  • for Reading Lists and Course Readings
  • for Lecture and Workshop Slides
  • when using Pictures and Diagrams
  • when using Video and TV Programmes
  • In Panopto Lecture Capture
  • On GSM Learn

If you are planning to copy or scan from books, journals, newspapers or official publications, please check What are you copying?

Don't forget to acknowledge your sources: this guide alerts you to times when you need to add additional information when referencing something you have copied.

Disclaimer: what is this guide for?