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Copyright Guide for Faculty

Writing Exam Questions and Setting Coursework

The use of short extracts from books, journals or other sources for examination or assessment is allowed on a  “Fair Dealing” basis. For information about how much you can copy, please see the Fair Dealing section of this guide. As a general guide:

  • The amount you copy must be necessary to set the question – ie only use what is needed to set the question
  • The source must be acknowledged unless identifying the source of an extract would prejudice the exam process.
  • Must not infringe the moral rights of the author or replace sales.

It is possible to use more than a "short extract" with permission from the rightsowner. Contact to arrange this. 

Past papers containing extracts from books or journals may be loaded on GSM Learn for current students to consult providing the copying is within Fair Dealing limits ( the "illustration for instruction" exception). 

Answering Exam Questions and Writing Coursework /Assignments.

Students are also allowed to quote and include copied materials for assessed coursework and exams. Full referencing of sources is not required by students answering exam questions but coursework does need to be properly referenced to ensure sources are acknowledged.  This guidance on copying or quoting  assumes the coursework is not intended for publication, display or exhibition.

Even if their work will be displayed or published, some quotation of others’ work is allowed because copying for the purposes of ‘criticism and review’ are considered fair dealing. Please see the section on fair dealing for more information.