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Copyright Guide for Faculty

Websites and online resources

Online Library Resources

The library provides thousands of books and journals online. Generally these have licence agreements which specify exactly how we can use them and you should consult the library if you are not sure if the use you are planning is allowed. In almost all cases however, usage is limited to non-commercial use. The resources cannot be used by students on behalf of their employer or for any business activity.

All of the online sources that are available through the library can be added to reading lists using TALIS Aspire.


Avoid saving material unless it is very clear from the terms and conditions or licence information that this is allowed. You should use TALIS Aspire reading lists instead of saving pdfs to GSM Learn.


Sharing links to reports, books and journals on the internet
Linking to material which breaches copyright may not be strictly illegal. However hyperlinking could be deemed as authorising someone else to make a copy of the material to which you are linking. GSM does not endorse the use of material which may breach copyright.


Ebooks. reports, documents on the internet

Before linking to an Ebook on the internet or saving a copy you should check whether this is allowed. There is more information in the Guide to Getting the Most from Free Resources (here). In brief, you need to check any terms of use or licence or copyright statement in the publication. In particular you need to beware if a published book is available on a website that belongs to someone other than the publisher.


EJournals on the internet

More and more journal articles are being published on an open access basis and can be copied and linked to without difficulty. However just because someone was the author of an article does not automatically give them the right to share it.  Find out more about using research you find on the internet in the Guide to Getting the Most from Free Resources here  Briefly it is safer to link to the journal's own website or to use GSM Library resources than to obtain a copy through third party sites such as blogs, SSRN, Researchgate or twitter.


Web sites and videos

Please check the terms and conditions for websites. Many websites will require you to link to their homepage and not use 'deep linking'.  For more information please see the Guide to Getting the Most from Free Resources


Screenshots for use in IT training

While copies may be made of a small amount of content for illustration for instruction, you will often need to obtain permission in order to use screenshots. Beware that the owners of IT programmes that we pay for may impose conditions on us about how we describe those products in any training materials and contracts or licence conditions should be checked. Microsoft's requirements are outlined here:  and include the wording you must use when acknowledging Microsoft Corporation. 


Images and pictures from the internet

Brief guidance on the use of pictures can be seen on the page of this copyright guide on Using Pictures and Images.  For guidance on finding copyright-free images, use the Guide to Getting the Most from Free Resources.