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Copyright Guide for Faculty

Top Tips for Copyright compliance

This guide is intended for GSM Staff. Guidance for students can be found here

  • Use GSM reading lists to link to library resources and provide digitised journal articles and chapters from textbooks
  • Avoid uploading reading directly to GSM Learn
  • Use copyright-free images or library resources in slides for lectures, workshops or tutorials
  • Read the the section on exams and coursework before copying for exams
  • Make one copy only of a single book chapter or single journal article for your own study
  • Reference and acknowledge your sources

Want to know more? Two good starting points are:

Think about why you are copying   (click to read more)

Think about what you are copying

or contact


Copyright isn’t the only thing to think about when using other peoples' work or ideas:

Following guidance on good academic practice will ensure you correctly reference your work, avoid plagiarism and respect authors' moral rights