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Copyright Guide for Faculty

It is the responsibility of anyone teaching or working at GSM not to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. There is a section in this guide about the use of images and other material in lectures and workshops. This page deals with the specific rules that apply when a lecture is being recorded

Is lecture capture different from using copyright materials in a 'live' lesson?


Images - including models, flowcharts and diagrams: simply follow the guidance on the use of pictures and images

for teaching purposes


Commercially purchased videos and DVD’s can be shown in class for educational purposes but should not be included in the lecture capture .  TV programmes we use because we have a licence can be included in the recorded lecture as long as students watching the recording will be based in the UK. For YouTube or other free-to-view videos on the internet if the licence allows. This means you can use Creative Commons videos in recorded lectures. Please see the video and film section of the Guide to Getting the Most from Free Resources.


Recording guest speakers

GSM retains copyright in its teaching materials including recorded lectures. If a guest speaker is recorded, an assignment in writing is needed for the content and the performance