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Copyright Guide for Faculty

Books and Journal articles

Module leaders should not add scanned articles or book chapters to GSM Learn. Digitisation should be requested via the GSM Digitisation Service.  Module Leaders using GSM Reading Lists can simply use the "request digitisation" function in TALIS Aspire. For further details click on "Digitisation Service" on the left hand menu.

Pictures, Diagrams and images

  • Use copyright-free images unless it is necessary to use a particular image for instruction (see here for more details).

TV and video

TV Programmes recorded under the terms of our ERA Licence can be loaded on GSM learn for viewing in the UK only (see Using video and TV Programmes) can be uploaded to GSM Learn as long as you attach a notice that must be read before the programme can be watched.  You Tube video can be added to GSM Reading Lists. For more information, see the section of this guide about using video and tv programmes