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Copyright Guide for Faculty

Module leaders wishing to provide students with scanned articles or books should request them through the Library's Digitisation Service.

The GSM Digitisation service will

  • ensure a copyright-compliant copy is provided and advise you about options if the item you request is not copyright-cleared
  • will ensure that the correct copyright notice is attached to the item

If you are using GSM Reading Lists, please see instructions in the GSM Reading Lists tab.

If you do not yet have a GSM Reading List for your module. Please use this form to make your request:


The "Request Digitisation" Feature in your GSM Reading List allows you to request digitisation for any book chapters or journal articles that are not already available online.  (Subject to copyright restrictions)

1. In your list choose to edit in "classic" mode:


Items which are currently available in print only (or are not stocked by GSM Library) will have a "Request Digitisation" link:


2. When you click on "Request Digitisation", a form will appear that you will need to submit as follows:





What can I digitise?

We have a licence from the Copyright Licensing Authority (CLA) that allows us to copy one chapter from most textbooks and one article from each issue of a journal. For more information about these restrictions see the "What are you copying" section of this guide.

What if the book or journal isn't covered by the CLA scheme?

We can contact the publisher on your behalf to investigate whether the item can be copied or we can investigate other options for providing the book for students.

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