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Getting the Most from Free Resources

Journals and Research - You can link to

Don't forget that you have access to hundreds of business e-journals via GSM Library. The number of open access journals freely available on the internet is growing rapidly. Some academic journals are entirely open. In other cases academic publishers will make selected articles or issues avalable free of charge. In addition to this research and research data is increasingly being made available on University repositories.

Open Access Journals & Research

There are a number of tools to help you find out about recent research and to find open access articles and research.

Google Scholar makes it particularly easy to find Open Access articles on a topic. Other sources include:

  • Bepress which hosts repositories for thousands of Universities, provides the means to browse for research in subjects including business, law and tourism 
  • Core aims to help you find research and articles from open access journals and research repositories worldwide:
  • aggregates research from universities including leading business schools.

Can I copy from an Open Access Journal or Article in a research repository?

Query It is better to link to documents on the publisher's website or to a pre-print version in a University repository.  If in doubt, the following tools can help you decide whether it is ok to copy or share an article:


How Can I Share it? is a tool provided by journal publishers to help you check the status of an article and tell you whether you can share or copy it.


SHERPA ROMEO from Jisc will tell you which version of an article may be copied /shared. If the article can be shared, it tells you which version may be used:

  • "Pre-print" version - a draft of the article that has not yet been peer reviewed
  • "Post-print" version - a version of the article that has been peer-reviewed but is not formated for publication
  • The final article as published in the journal.

Avoid using

warning do not use Pdfs of journal articles saved to services such as Researchgate or SSRN - you need to find out if the original article was offered on an open access basis and link to it in its original publication or website - or see if GSM Library has access to the journal.


warning do not use Articles which may only be 'free to view' for a limited period - for instance if you can only read articles from the most recent issue - will access expire when the new issue is published?  Check whether the journal is available in the library, whether it can be obtained as a digitisation or whether the research has been published elsewhere in a different format.

It might be copyright free, but is it good quality?

Query If you are not familar with a journal check it out: Evaluating academic journals