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Getting the Most from Free Resources

Website and online sources: terms and licences

Finding licence /copyright information

  • For Websites look in "About us", "Terms & Conditions" or in a Copyright statement
  • Check individual videos, images or documents for separate terms and conditions that may differ from the website itself.
  • Look out for "Creative Commons" licences.

Smiley faceRemember that Information published by a UK public body often benefits from either the Open Government or Open Parliament Licences - for more information see GSM's copyright guide. 

Query If a blog or website contains a document that has a copyright notice indicating that a third party is the rightsholder  - beware  - don't assume that you, too, can copy the item.

Query If you fail to find any information about licensing or terms of use, you will need to assume that you cannot use or copy the work without permission. You can use the work for Fair Dealing purposes only. If in doubt, please contact