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Copyright Guidance for Students

Why is copyright important?

Copyright helps ensure authors, composers and others get paid for their work and allows them to decide whether it can be copied or re-used.

This guide contains brief information about the kinds of copying you will need to do for your studies. Other works such as music and films are also protected by copyright law. Library staff can provide further guidance on copyright law but it is your responsibility to ensure you copy legally.

If you breach copyright law you could face criminal charges or imprisonment. You could also be sued by a private individual or an organisation if you use their works in ways you are not allowed.  If you are found to have copied material that you shouldn't on GSM London premises, using GSM London equipment or on a GSM London IT account, you will be required to delete the infringing copies.

This guides provides simple guidelines to assist students to ensure copying complies with the law and licences that GSM holds. For more information about copyright at GSM London, please contact library staff. Copyright law is complex and this guide does not constitute legal advice.