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Current Awareness on LexisLibrary

CURRENT AWARENESS - This content set allows you to get information on Acts recently passed, to review abstracts of most popular newspapers articles, to read press releases and official publications, such as the daily reports and questions from the House of Commons and papers from governmental bodies. The current awareness service is constantly updated. is updated throughout the day, ensuring users can access the latest legal and market developments.


  • New enactments are loaded onto LexisLibrary within 24 hours of publication.
  • The database ensures a comprehensive coverage of cases from the senior courts and judgments from the courts are uploaded to the database within just 30 minutes of being handed down.
  • The Appeal Tracker service Appeal Tracker will help you getting information on cases of legal interest which are appealable to the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal or to the Supreme Court. The source will tell you whether or not a case is being appealed and, if it is, what stage the case is at in the appeal process.
  • The service monitors 6,000 international regulator sites recommended by practice areas experts to facilitate access to reference regulatory material.

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