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WILSON, Jonathan


NAME: Professor Jonathan AJ Wilson PhD

Full Professor


Centre for Research and Executive Education 




+44 (0) 208 516 7800

Twitter: @drjonwilson





Professional Biography

Professional Experience:

Professor Wilson is an award-winning Academic and Branding Consultant. For the past 20 years he has specialised in what he calls the ABCDs of Business and Culture: Advertising, Branding, Communications, and Digital. With his BSc in Chemistry, MBA in Business and Management, and PhD in Branding: Professor Wilson champions the art in Science and the science in Art.

Professor Wilson has published over 200 pieces of work, which have led to over 100 conference-speaking engagements across the globe.

He has developed a reputation for being an electric, insightful and quick-witted public speaker able to tackle real-world trending phenomena. Professor Wilson has consulted clients from Ministries of Tourism, food, fashion, cosmetics, professional services, music, and sports. He is a professional trainer for Al Jazeera Media Network in Qatar, and also delivers in-house training regularly in firms internationally. His papers on Halal are some of the most widely cited globally; and his co-authored work on Luxury Branding featured in the Harvard Business Review and won a Best-Paper award in the Journal of Marketing Management.

At the end of 2017, Professor Wilson received a LinkedIn Top Voices Award, where he was praised for his edgy commentary and insight into Intersectionality, Future Trends, Personal Branding, and Student Engagement. He was also one of the featured professionals in LinkedIn’s cross-platform advertising campaigns – something that he is especially proud of, as he was the only UK academic.


Research Interests:

Branding, Advertising, Marketing Communications, Intergenerational Behavioural Economics, Leadership and Management, Halal, Islamic Finance, Corporate Identity, Food, Fashion, Sport, Tourism, Music, Technology, Global Business Education, Ethnicity, Religion, Future Trends, and Popular Culture.




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Over 35 Academic Scientific Journal Papers

[Select Papers]

Ma, J.W., Yang, Y. & Wilson, J.A.J. (2017), “A window to the ideal self: A study of UK Twitter and Chinese Sina Weibo selfie-takers and the implications for marketers”, Journal of Business Research, Vol.74, May, pp.139-142.

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Wilson, J.A.J & Liu, J. (2010), “Shaping the Halal into a brand?”, Journal of Islamic Marketing, Vol.1 Iss.2., pp.107-123


Conference papers /other publications:

35 Academic Conference Papers.

Columnist for: Huffington Post (over 15 entries)

Monthly Columnist for: Marketeers Magazine (over 50 entries)

Articles for: Thomson Reuters, The Guardian, The Drum, Branding Magazine, Communicate Magazine Advertising Age, Aquila Style.

Impact and Engagement

Media Coverage:


BBC World News, TRT World, RT Russia, Sky News Arabia, Thomson Reuters, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), Astro Awani TV News.


Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The Guardian Newspaper, Times Newspaper interview, Thomson Reuters, Khaleej Times UAE, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Malaysian national press, Vision Magazine UAE, Communicate Magazine UAE (in association with Advertising Age), Kazakhstan Business Press, Albanian Business Press, Azerbaijan luxury fashion magazine.


Interview with BBC World News, South African News, Marketeers Indonesia.


Research and Consultancy:

Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia

Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia

Government of Tatartstan

McKinsey & Company, Middle East

PwC, Malaysia


Microsoft, MENA

Garuda Indonesia

Stylus, Innovation Research and Advisory

Al Jazeera

Halal Food Authority

Tokyo Institute of Technology and Gurunavi Food Guide

Dinar Standard.


External Collaborations:

Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Islamic Marketing


International Links:

Panel Judge: Global Islamic Economy Awards, Thomson Reuters


Professional Affiliation /Roles:

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM, Chartered Marketer)
Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (Accredited Practitioner)
Member of the International Public Relations Association

Member of the Chartered Institute of Management
Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development