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Guide to GSM Reading Lists

How to use GSM reading lists

Your online reading list is a great starting point to find reading for your module. They’re easy to navigate and items are tagged as core, key or background resources, to help you determine how important something is to read. 

How to use the GSM reading lists. 

You have now got through to the reading list page for your module, the layout will look like this (see screenshot). 
(For more advanced use of this reading list please visit the Advanced Help page.)

You will see your module code and title, and course tutor. Underneath you’ll see a list of resources for this module, separated by your tutor into “Core text”, “Key text” and (on some modules) additional resources and a week by week breakdown (for more on this please visit the Advanced Help page). In this example, let’s take the first book: Reflective practice: writing and professional development.

Click the title and you’ll see it will expand; giving you an image of the book, details of the physical copies available at the 2 site libraries and publication details. (If you were to click through to a site library, this would take you to our library catalogue and you’ll be able to locate shelf copy).  

If the resource is available online, it would show as a digital copy (as well as showing other holdings we have). Click the “Available Online” link and this will take you directly to the electronic resource (some platforms may require you to log in again).
If you do encounter difficulty logging in via Open Athens please e-mail us at

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