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Guide to GSM Reading Lists

Advanced Help

There is a lot you can do with your reading list. This page will cover some of the more advance features of the GSM reading list. 

Advanced help on using the GSM reading lists

‚ÄčTaking a look at the example previously used, you’ll see just below the title and author of the module, there are 3 clearly defined sections. 

This guide will help you to understand what each section does as well as other features that you may find useful.
Table of contents
Citation Style
View and Export
Reading List Intentions and the "Hamburger menu"

Table of Contents:

If you click on this you’ll see a dropdown with a full breakdown of each section of your reading list. This is useful if you wish to head straight to a particular part of your reading list, (please note: all lists are created by your tutor and will differ in contents). 


This drop down gives you the option to filter the resources on this list. The first 2 are straightforward; Physical Resources and Online Resources (filter by physical stock and online). The middle section is to do with a filter of your reading intentions. The last part is a filter of your Core, Key and Additional reading. 

Citation Style:

On this drop down, is a list of citation styles, this is useful if you want to view you resources or download them in a particular citation style. 

View and Export

If you look to the right you will see a drop down called "View & Export". 

This is where you have a series of options to download your reading list in a particular format, as a list of citations, or as a complete reading list. The image below, is the category PDF - bibliography download. 

Reading List Intentions and the "Hamburger menu": 

If you look to the right you will see a circle. Click on this, and it will give you a list of reading intentions. This is useful to help you keep track of what you are reading, and what you have read.  You can chose from 5 intentions: Undecided, Will read, Reading now, Have read, Won't read. 

Next to the circle is a “hamburger menu” (3 vertical dots). On this drop down, you’ll see that you can add to your bookmarks, create a personal note, and download the reading list as a RIS file, and can share the item.

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