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Current Awareness


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Nexis is a leading database of global news sources. You're able to set up a news alert by clicking on the 'Create Alert' icon from any search results screen, as below:

nexis alert button highlighted


You can then name the alert and set delivery options, as below:

overview screen highlighted


alert delivery options


frequency screen highlighted

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You're able to set up email alerts on a topic or industry wherever you see the below button displayed:

add to mu ft icon

For example, you can run a quick search on a topic of interest using the quick search bar. Wherever the topic exists as a news category, you can find an option to add to your 'myFT'.

quick search results for oil & gas news topics

add to my ft icon on oil & gas news page


You can then see all of your current alerts within the myFT section, as below, where you can edit delivery settings as well as viewing all your stories.

myFT location

myFT screenshot

For more information on using, please see our online guide.

screenshot link to libguide

google news icon link


If you're signed into your Google account when you access Google News, the news content will be based on previous searches made and content viewed using that account. 

To specify content you can search for a topic, location or source and then follow any relevant topics, as below. News content relating to your topics will be displayed on your news feed. 


topics highlighted


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