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Company Information

A guide to resources for finding company information

Company information

Information on a company is generally made up of financial information, news about that company, statistics and data as well as information that can typically be found in a company profile. Company information can be found using both library resources and free resources available on the web, such as a company's own website. 

When researching company information always remember to consult multiple sources and check when the data was last published/updated. 

Types of company

Private company

Any company that is not a public company is defined as private. A private company can range from a small family business to a large subsidiary. A private company by definition cannot offer its shares to the public and would need to become a public limited company (PLC) to do this.

Public limited company 

A public limited company (PLC) can be either listed or unlisted. A listed PLC is a company who trades its securities on a stock exchange which can be bought and sold by the public. As shares are issued publicly, listed PLCs are subject to strict regulation. Listed companies are required by law to publish their accounts to allow investors to accurately judge the share value.

An unlisted PLC is a PLC that is not listed on any stock exchange. 


A subsidiary is a company that is owned and controlled by another company. The company that owns the subsidiary is normally known as the parent or holding company.

Holding company

A holding company is a company that owns enough shares in a subsidiary to control it. A holding company will not engage in the operating activity of its subsidiaries.