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NAME: Dickson Esonarae
POSITION: Graduate Personal Tutor
PHONE: +44 (0) 208 516 7800 





Professional Biography

Professional Experience:

Dickson has experience teaching English Literature and History at secondary and college levels. He has contributed to teaching and tutoring social modules at different levels. He is currently teaching personal tutoring and offering pastoral support to a wide range of students, thereby acquiring the needed experiences in delivering at higher education level.


Research Interests:

Dickson is interested in the socio-legal and environmental aspect of the law. His interest in pedagogy is linked to his inclination for social reform. He believes in constantly interrogating the principles and letters of the law. This is with the significant aim of making the law adaptable and significant to our ever changing society.


Publications and Scholarship Activities:


April 2016. Title: Police Immunity for Negligent Investigations in the UK: Is it time for change?

May 2017. Title: How suitable is the 2015 Paris Agreement Framework for addressing the problem of climate change?

July 2017. Title: The private sector, international corporate human rights responsibility and the right to water: The case of South Africa.


Other Publications and Conferences:

Kent Law School Post graduate conference 2017 University of Kent, Canterbury. June 5th-7th  2017. Titled: The Role of Law in contemporary global Affairs and The Environmental Law Department.

Monthly workshop titled: The Environmental Law enforcement in Africa: Prospects and Challenges, delivered by Professor Kola Odeku from the University of Limpopo.

(Dickson has not presented in the Conferences but he has acted as a Rapporteur twice).


Teaching interests:

Personal tutoring and law.