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Guide to GSM Reading Lists

Accessing your reading list

At GSM we have a dedicated online reading list system to provide a quick and easy way to locate and access the readings for your modules. These resources could be books, journals, electronic resources and videos that are helpful to your studies. 

Using the GSM Reading List system couldn’t be simpler

    Sign in to GSM Learn ( using your username/password.

    You’ll come to your module page, scroll down and select the module you require. 

   Click on the module link, and you will reach a page dedicated to that module. 

    Scroll down the page. You can find the GSM Reading Lists block on the right side of a module page on GSM Learn. Click the module link, and you will be directed to the reading list for that module. 

   Your reading list will open in a new tab.

If nothing happens, it could be to do with a pop up blocker. Take a look to the top right of the screen and you may see the pop-up blocker icon at the far right of the URL with a small red cross. Click that, and enable the pop up. Go back into your reading list and click the link again and it should take you straight through. 

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