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AJANI, Robert


NAME: Robert Ajani 
POSITION: Teaching Fellow

Work Based Learning and Enterprise

PHONE: +44 (0) 208 516 7800





Professional Biography

Qualifications & Training

M.A. Media Communication science    2002 Westphalia University, Germany

B.Sc. Oil & Gas Management              2016 Plymouth University, England, UK

HNC Business Management                2013 Icon College of Business & IT, London 

B.Sc. (Hons) Political science              1985/86 Political Science University of Ibadan, Nigeria    

Advertising Trainee                               2005 China Contact, Business Publication for China & East Asia,               

                                                              Dusseldorf, Germany   

Pg. Cert Business Administration          2004 Germany Business Academy, Germany

Cert Project management                     2002 Benedict School of Business, Germany.


Professional Experience:

Robert is broadly educated and widely travelled. He worked as a tutor at Institute of Communication Science at Westphalia University in Germany and as an editor of the British Army Newspaper (Sixth Sense) and Magazine (Lifestyle) in Germany. He has over fifteen years’ working experience in the media (both in print and TV) and in marketing communications industry.

2012 – 2016      Managing Editor: New Business Africa, London 

2007-2010         Advertising & Customer Service Manager: Honeyfield Investments, London

2006-2007         Marketing Officer: NTL Telecommunications, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

2004-2005         Editor: British Army Newspaper & Magazine: Sixth Sense and Lifestyle, Germany

1999 – 2003      Associate Editor: The Africa Courier, Germany                                                                  

1986 – 1987       TV Journalist & Broadcaster: Nigerian Television Authority NTA, Nigeria    


Research Interests:

Robert has engaged in the past with the topics of cultural identity and hybridity in the media society and he is currently working on his PhD on renewable energy and integrated marketing communications.


Publications and Scholarship Activities:


Hybrid Identity in the postmodern media society published in the Introduction to Black Studies in Afro German and African Community 2002.

Who are the Germans and Others published in The African Courier magazine Germany 2004.


Other Publications/Conferences:

Speaker at: Caribbean and Africa Economic Cooperation Conference London 2012.

Speaker at: Investments Opportunities in Nigeria Conference at Financial Times London 2013.


Teaching Interests:

Energy, marketing, management and mass communication.


Impact and Engagement:

Robert is the publisher and managing editor of New Business Africa – a business magazine with about 50,000 readerships and writes commentary regularly on economic situations in emerging economies as well as speaks in conferences and workshops on African Development.


Research and Consultancy:

Provide training and mentorship for young reporters and consult for companies in the developing economies.


External Collaborations:

Maintain business affiliations and relationships with business organisations in Africa.