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GOJJIE, Tesfaye


NAME: Dr. Tesfaye Gojjie
POSITION: Lecturer in Economics
FACULTY/DEPARTMENT: Law, Economics, Accounting and Finance
PHONE: +44 (0) 208 516 7800, EXT 2180





Professional Biography

Professional Experience:

Tesfaye is a lecturer in Economics in the department of Law, Economics, Accounting and Finance. Tesfaye has taught Economics in several UK universities for many years. His main academic and research interest includes small businesses, the labour market and Brexit.


Research Interests:

Tesfaye’s research has focused on small businesses, the labour market and Brexit. In the past he has researched on immigrants in the UK labour market and at the moment he is undertaking a research on the impacts of Brexit on small businesses.


Teaching Interests:

The teaching of English for Academic purposes and the teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages are areas of particular interest.


Other Publications/Conferences:

Attended several conferences in the UK and Europe including the University of Gothenburg (2002), Holland and San Remo, Italy (2001), where papers were presented and published on conference reports.


Teaching Interests:

Econometrics, Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods and Statistics.


Impact and Engagement:

Tesfaye is involved in faculty activities as required in line with the college objectives. In the past he organised successfully a college wide debate on Brexit. He represented the school in the Learning Resources Team and was a member of the Mitigating Circumstances Committee. Now he also attends the Academic Offenses Committee.


Research and Consultancy:

Supervised several dissertation students.


External Collaborations:

Maintain dialogues and relationship with international academic and policy making individuals and groups.


International Links:

Follows up international economic and political developments.


Professional Affiliations/Roles:

Fellow of the HEA, the Higher Education Academy.